Guruji On Spirituality is The Only Way Forward

Why do we fear the Covid-19 pandemic? It has been sent to Earth by Creation itself, to set right the wrongs we have done to Mother Earth. Let’s call it ‘Karuna Devi’, the female energy of this existence. It has come here out of compassion for mankind, to set the stage for a healing change. This pandemic has brought families together, the fast-paced life has come to a stand-still, and a renewed sense of bonding is seen everywhere. Our irresponsible ways of living have caused so much hurt to Mother Earth. You have noticed how much healing this pandemic has brought to Nature. The flora, fauna, rivers, lakes, other natural habitats, are all healing and flourishing, because mankind has stopped invading and desecrating them. This is also a reminder to us – to live a life in alignment with nature. This is the time for us to discard our unhealthy living patterns and life-styles. This is the time for us to once again establish our connection with Mother Nature. All around us we find that nature is healing, and we shall heal too.

Utilize this time to discipline the body and mind. To discipline the body, first regulate the food habits. During this period, consuming satvik food prepared by loving hands at home, has happened naturally. The quantity and quality of food intake must also be watched. Discipline the body by waking up before sun-rise. Thereafter, do your personal routine, and then sit down for meditation, yoga or other spiritual practices. Be aware of each action of yours, from the time you wake up in the morning until you go to bed to sleep. Every action of yours should be treated as an offering to God. As you do so, you will find yourself settling down into a state of peace and contentment. You will also find yourself having control over your mind. When any activity is treated as an offering to God, when all actions done during the day, with your body, mind, and intellect, are offered wholeheartedly at the feet of the Divine, you are actually handing over your control to God. This is an age-old tradition passed on to us since generations, but somehow got wiped out of our practices due to the modern education system.

It is no wonder then that there are more cases of lack of mental health amongst the youth of today. More and more people are falling pray to physical and mental health. There are cases with tendency for depression and its consequent disastrous outcomes. Most of our traditional methods are basically meant to be aids for healthy and happy living. The Yoga asanas incorporated into the daily morning routine act as a method of achieving quietness of body and mind. Pranayama helps to still the agitating mind, which is a must during this period of pandemic. When we inhale (puraka), retain breath (kumbaka), and exhale (rechaka), you will observe that we are in effect negating the body (I am not the body). Yoga, pranayama and an attitude of ‘surrender to the Divine’ will definitely result in a complete balance of body-mind combine, and will teach one to go with the flow of Life.

During this period, when the commercial world has come almost to as top, let us also stop our competitive and commercial life styles. This period may not occur again in this lifetime of ours. So, it is important for us to consciously fill our minds and hearts with love and compassion, towards one and all. We must endeavor to live in peace and harmony. Let us all be kind and gentle, forgiving and forgetting. Let us not dwell on the faults of others. Let us utilize this time to turn inwards and try and establish a peaceful state within, through meditation and contemplation. Nothing that appears important now may even matter later on. So, let us turn our present into a beautiful and meaningful present. This can be done only if we raise ourselves, elevate ourselves spiritually, and align our consciousness with the universal consciousness. During this period, spiritual pursuit and spiritual evolution are the only things to be concerned with.

We are a part of the total scheme of existence, and therefore, be assured that we are taken care of, by existence itself. There is no need to allow futile worries or unnecessary thoughts to invade us, and make us feel miserable. Be grateful for this existence, and for all that life has bestowed upon us. Learn to go along with the flow of life, because life is simple and beautiful. All we have to do is align ourselves to nature–be disciplined, wake up before sunrise, engage in spiritual practices like meditation and yoga, do our duties cheerfully, eat healthy food, help and serve others, refresh ourselves with rest, and finally go to sleep early. This is all there is to leading a healthy and fruitful life. Once we have understood this formula of life, all other things will fall in place. When problems appear, just tackle them to the best of your ability, without getting agitated. Do not worry or curse yourself. Just go with the flow. You will soon find that the so-called problems have disappeared, or your ability to tackle the problems have become better.

The Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted the fragility of human existence. The entire world is suffering due to it. Let us all stay calm and safe. We must not be careless and take the situation for granted, nor must we get panicky and create more trouble for ourselves and our near and dear ones. It is a fact that very soon, Covid-19 will be eradicated effectively, and our fear will leave us. In the meantime, we must make a sincere effort to work towards our spiritual upliftment. We must have faith in the collective consciousness and in the wisdom of Nature. Utilize this period to immerse yourself in ‘sadhana’. Steadfastly practice all the spiritual methods and techniques that have been taught to you Cosmic Dance, Brahma Vidya, Beeja Mantra, Kriya Yoga, Dhyana, etc. Spend more time with yourself. Spiritual pursuit will definitely help us find a solution to all our problems.

My blessings to all of you. Do not let this wonderful opportunity go by. May you achieve maximum progress in your spiritual journey.

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