Guruji on ‘SHIVA & SHAKTI’ - Facets Of The Same Consciousness

Shiva represents the principles of Satyam-Shivam-Sundaram. He is the protector of souls, the One who saves the souls from lifetimes of pain and suffering. He is that facet of God that bestows us with consciousness, clarity and knowledge. While Shakti, His companion, is that facet of God that surrounds us with warmth and caring. Shiva is the masculine principle, representing the fundamental elements of Universal Consciousness. While Shakti is the feminine principle, representing the dynamic power that activates and brings to life these elements of Universal Consciousness. Both Shiva and Shakti or Purusha and Prakruthi are eternal and indestructible.

Shiva and Shakti are two parts of the Universal Consciousness, the Brahman. Each one of us carries the them components within us, in varying proportions. The physical body that we have inherited is just an outward clothing that nature has provided us with. It is a vehicle that enables us to carry out our evolutionary tasks, for enabling the development of individual consciousness, and finally to blend with Universal Consciousness. A highly evolved Yogi has no concept of gender. When balance between Purusha and Prakruthi is achieved, then begins the progress towards attaining Universal Consciousness – Brahman.

A spiritually advanced Ramakrishna Paramahamsa had started wearing feminine clothing, saree, for a brief period, in order to fully experience the ‘Devi-bhav’. In recent times there has been a case of an Income-tax Official dressing himself as ‘Radha’ who was mocked by the ignorant public. We find many images and sculptures in our ancient temples, where Shiva and Shakti are depicted as two halves of the same image with the left-side depicting Shakti the feminine element. And the right-side depicting Shiva the masculine element. Shiva resides in Sahasrara while Shakti resides in Muladhara as Kundalini the serpent power.

When the Yogi awakens the Kundalini Shakti from its resting place in Mooladhara, and makes it to rise to Sahasrara, then Prakriti and Purusha unite in the Sahasrara, the Knower, Knowledge. And the Object of Knowledge, become One, and the Yogi attains Enlightenment. Each one of us is genetically designed to evolve spiritually to reach this state of Enlightenment or Self-Realisation. When each one of us makes individual efforts to attain this state of Enlightenment, through cultivating love for the Divine, engaging in meditation and other spiritual practices, then the pace of progress becomes faster. Cultivating love for the Divine is a very important thing in life. So also, engaging in meditation.

Love for the Divine is not about going to places of worship and offering flowers, fruits or money. It is an attribute which is essential for living in harmony with God’s creations. Each one of us is capable of expansive love. But instead we restrict our love within boundaries of limited understandings in respect of family, society, nation, religion, or God. We have forgotten the teachings of the Sanathan Dharma which embraces the entire Universe in its fold.

Love is the ability one has within, to relate and live amicably with all of God’s creations. A person who is incapable of being with others, or of relating to others, will find it very difficult to relate with his or her own Self too. The characteristic of relating to others or to oneself, is the same. So, both love and meditation have to be cultivated together. Be with people, consciously with full awareness. Love them, and respect them. Each one has the particle of God within him or her. Be very attentive towards all. Let each person feel happy for having met you.

Meditation is the ability that you may already have, or can develop, to dwell within your inner Self, amicably. It is a gradual process that you learn through discipline and dedication. When alone, sit in total silence and watch yourself. Watch your breathing, your thoughts, your memories watch yourself intently without interfering with your breathing, thoughts or memories. Simply watch be in the moment. As you continue, you will find yourself full of awareness. You will experience an extraordinary feeling of lightness within you. This is true meditation. Explore yourself continuously by simply watching yourself as a spectator.

Love and meditation are therefore, the pillars on which your spiritual growth rests. As your love expands, and as your meditation increases, you will observe a steady spiritual growth happening within you, until it finally culminates in the union of human and divine consciousness. Unless these two founding pillars of Love and Meditation are incorporated into your system, achieving Self-realisation is improbable. We have taken birth on earth with the sole purpose of finally achieving union with the Universal Consciousness. How many lifetimes we must take in order to achieve this goal, depends entirely upon our love for the Divine, and the quality of our meditation.

It is the prime duty of every human being to fulfill the purpose for which he or she has been sent to Earth. All other minor desires and longings that we have set out to fulfill can wait. As we near the end of our life-span, our energies and capabilities begin to wane. So, while we are in our complete senses, with all our faculties intact, we must at once, start our journey towards Self-realisation.

Bless you all. May you make rapid progress on your path to Self-realisation.

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