Union of Jeevatman with the Supreme Power - Paramatman

Jeevatman exists in every life in the universe. Science calls it ‘Cosmic Energy’. It is filled throughout the universe without leaving an iota of blank space. Yet man believes that God is somewhere above him in the far…. far… dimension beyond the stars and galaxies. Human mind is always in search of God ever since he took birth on this planet. Our ancestors also hastened to the Himalayas in the belief that the Himalaya is very close to the higher sky and that is where he will be closer to heaven. As intelligence developed, man realized that God is omnipotent and omnipresent. It is believed that nearly 75 thousand years ago, Shiva, the Omnipotent, sat on Mount Kailash in a deep samadhi state in order to bless this earth. Many great Rishis who lived then, approached Lord Shiva for knowledge and wisdom. The first writing on this subject prevailing even to this date is the Shiva Sutra a discussion between Shiva and Parvathi.

Shiva preached to Parvathi “God is within you. Once you realize it, you will yourself become equal to God.” To achieve this transformation, He taught the Kundalini Yoga to Parvathi in order to elevate Her from a human level to the divine level. When she became a divine entity, and equal to Lord Shiva, then for the sake of the outside world, and to appease the parents of Parvathi, Shiva married Her in the local Himalayan tradition that prevailed then. This system of marriage is followed even to this date. Even the preaching of Lord Shiva is the natural religion of all living beings on this universe, which developed thereafter and is known as the Sanatana Sanskriti. Since then, our Rishis and ancestors have understood that Paramatman lives inside every living being, and they followed the meditation system of Lord Shiva to enter the inner path of mind. This is how inner travel began.

What is meant by inner travel is the general question asked by beginners. During inner travel, we close our eyes, and our mind concentrates on the process of breathing. The breath becomes very mild, and the sound of breathing becomes very slow and pleasant. The sound of breath is heard with our inner awareness. When thoughts become zero, then there prevails only the awareness of Jeevatman. During this process, breath travels to every cell in our body. Each cell contains awareness of the Jeevatman. When the awareness of every cell in our body unites, a unique wave is developed which in turn results in ‘Samadhi’.

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