Guruji On The Path Of ‘SADHANA’

Everything on earth has a limited existence, everything perishes, nothing lasts forever. Kings and kingdoms have come and gone. Everything on earth is temporary, and also our problems. In every person’s lifetime, troubles keep cropping up, time and again. Man is constantly in search of that which is pleasant and durable. Yet, this world is seen to be an unending ocean of miseries. The ‘ups’ and ‘downs’ of life are never-ending, and so finally, man seeks refuge in God. God is the link between the cosmos and the individual.

We must understand the significance of this human life, it is very precious. It is not purely the process of breathing, eating, digesting, learning, earning a living, procreating, seeking material comforts, growing old and finally dying. Life is much more than all these put together. A life sensually lived is but the life of an animal. Human life is meant for higher objectives, for aspiring towards, and becoming one with the divine. Each and every day, work on yourself to discard all your lower tendencies, your greed, hatred, jealousy, selfishness, laziness, etc. Endeavor to improve your consciousness by discarding your lower tendencies.

This human body is a gift from God. It is very important to take care of it in the way it is intended by God. How can we not appreciate this gift from God? How would you like it if you were to give a precious gift to your child, and then see it being abused or misused, and that too continuously? In such a case, would you again shower any more gifts upon your child unless the child has learnt to preserve gifts. So also, your body. It is a precious gift, and you are required to maintain it in the best manner, and also to ensure that it stays healthy and joyous always.

Yoga teaches us to live in synchronization with nature, with our body, mind and consciousness. When we follow the cosmic laws, it becomes easy to maintain a healthy and comfortable body, mind and consciousness. Those of you who have been doing regular ‘sadhana’, must have realised the relevance of waking up at the ‘brahma muhurta’, engaging in ‘dhyana’, ‘pranayama’ and other yogic practices including ‘hatha’ yoga, eating meals only when hungry and consuming it as an offering to God, eating light ‘satvik’ food while avoiding meals at night unless absolutely necessary, and engaging in a few minutes of meditation or ‘dhyana’ before going off to bed. All these practices are very instrumental in creating a healthy and comfortable state for you. Make continued efforts to engage in, and to maintain your spiritual practices. Do not get entangled in material objects. Carry out all your activities with an attitude of complete surrender to God and you shall be guided at every step of your life. Do not relax even for a moment on the path of ‘sadhana’. Else, there is a possibility that you may fall back regress.

Some of the aspects that you need to work on… are outlined here….

  • Meditate regularly and with earnestness.
  • Turn your gaze within. Introspect and analyse.
  • Be truthful, lead a simple, disciplined and morally good life.
  • Take care of your diet, and take care of the company you keep.
  • Work towards eliminating all traces of anger, greed, ego, etc.
  • Develop humility, tolerance and forgiveness. Have faith.
  • Be still and quiet, and seek the divinity within.
  • Cultivate a balanced mind, keep it occupied with good thoughts.
  • Destroy any false imagination by disciplining the mind through meditation.
  • Endeavour to cultivate humility, forgiveness and tolerance.
  • Be loving and compassionate towards all beings.
  • Behave with others in the way you would want them to behave with you.
  • Simplify your life and resolve all inner complexes.
  • Feel the presence of God in everyone and everything.
  • Renounce all your fears and sorrows, offer them to your God and Guru.
  • Conserve your energy. Utilise it, not for worldly gains but for spiritual gains.

The most important purpose of Yoga is to ensure that man leads a life of truth and purity. Every form of Yoga helps man to grow in purity and truth. Take the primary step of moving away from negative thoughts towards positive ones. Success in Yoga is possible only when your senses are under you control. True happiness is above money, material possessions, family, social prestige and glory. Yoga is a discipline that has been created to release oneself from all worldly desires. Understand the laws of the cosmos and move tactfully with alertness and awareness. Merely listening to the sermon given by your Guru is not sufficient. Practicing the path laid down by your Guru is of paramount importance.

As you endeavor to live a life of dedicated ‘sadhana’, your spiritual evolution will become visible to yourself, as well as to others. Assess your progress by conducting a self-examination every night, before going to bed. Examine your thoughts words and actions during the day. Do you continue to get affected by little annoyances and irritations? Do you maintain a calm and composed behaviour under all circumstances? Do you dedicatedly engage yourself in the spiritual practices, as promised to yourself? Do you observe any marked improvement in the control you have over your senses? You may keep a diary to jot down the various aspects of your behaviour where you feel that there is scope for improvement. Review your progress every day and make concentrated efforts to improve yourself.

Love you, and bless you all. May you achieve success in your ‘Sadhana’.

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