Guruji On Meditation Is Purifying And Healing

Most of us remain unaware of the reason or purpose of our earthly existence. As human beings, we enjoy certain common factors, though we may be born into different social circles. We eat, drink, play, enjoy, suffer, get married, beget children, construct, destruct, grow old, and then finally die and leave this earthly space. Is this all that we have been born for? Are we satisfied with this kind of existence? Is it not necessary to sit and contemplate upon the reason for our entry into this cosmos?

When we start contemplating upon the purpose of life on earth, numerous questions occur. If we make a conscious effort to observe ourselves, we will obtain the answers to at least some of our questions. Every moment that we spend on earth is a new moment, every day that we experience on earth is a new day. Each of our thoughts, our ideas, our intentions, are different from the other, because a continuous evolution is taking place within us. As we live in awareness, we begin to realise that there is something beyond our outward existence – that there is an inner world that hides many secrets of life.

Meditation is the tool which helps us discover this inner spiritual world – a world without boundaries or limitations. It is a tool that can be used by all. It can be learnt and practised, more so by living each moment in complete awareness. We are so used to living in the past. Most of our actions and reactions towards persons or things are invariably based on past experiences. We fail to understand that these very same people may have evolved, or that situations may have changed; so much so that our actions and reactions become misplaced. So, always act and live in complete awareness.

Meditation happens when the mind is blank – when the mind is completely free from the past, and from anxiety regarding the future. Only a blank slate can be used for writing new statements, else there is a confusing display of old and new statements upon the slate. When the mind is free of all past images and emotions, it becomes easy to live with awareness. Cultivating the art of ‘living in the present’ is very essential. So also, cultivating the art of listening and observing without any mental comment. Constant and dedicated practice of meditation brings about excellent results, though results may vary from person to person. At times, you may feel that you are not succeeding, but never give up the practice.

If you have even once started your meditation practice, then continue with it conscientiously, no matter what your circumstances may be. By and by, you shall observe changes within you. It is necessary to identify a proper time and place for meditation, according to your convenience. When you meditate in a serene and pious atmosphere, it is an ambience that is conducive to achieving success in your spiritual practice.

A human life is very rare and precious. Unlike animals, birds and such other species, humans have a high level of consciousness, and only a human being can engage in meditation. If you have had many human lives then be sure that you have done meditation even in your previous lives. In each life, we strive to progress towards Self-realisation. Human consciousness allows us to experience a state of awareness of the material world as well as that of the inner world.

During meditation, always ensure that you sit in a comfortable position, with your spine erect, inhaling and exhaling normally. Spend the first few moments contemplating upon yourself. Just watch your thoughts, good or bad, as they enter your consciousness Do not pass judgements upon yourself or upon the thoughts. Make an effort to achieve a state of peace and harmony. Continue this meditation practice for at least 30 minutes each day, for a minimum of 21 days at a stretch.

As you meditate, concentrate on your ‘ajna chakra’ (third eye). Mentally discard all the negative emotions and negative images you may be carrying about yourself, and in their place add only the positive emotions and images you may wish to possess. Think of all those who have caused you pain, and mentally forgive them wholeheartedly. Think of those who have contributed to your life, and mentally express your gratitude towards them from the bottom of your heart. Imagine that your entire being is getting flooded with love, peace and harmony.

Do this practice continuously for a minimum period of 21 days, and you will find that regular meditation leads to detachment from tensions and worries. A feeling of relaxation and fulfilment fills within you. Fears and anxiety are reduced or even eliminated. Your spiritual nature becomes more prominent as you conduct your everyday affairs. You also find yourself in a natural state of calm.

You shall also observe that due to body-mind connection, your physical health improves significantly. Your immune system becomes enhanced, and many chronic illnesses get cured. With time, a sense of love and compassion develops. You also gradually begin to discard impatience. Peace and harmony start showing up in your daily life. Meditation helps in opening up the passage of your sub-conscious mind, and as you continue, you will glide into deeper states of consciousness.

Meditation also helps you to experience a heightened state of awareness. You develop a feeling of rising above your body and soaring higher and higher. A feeling of complete bliss spreads through you. You may visualise happenings about which you have no clue, but which will give you a feeling of lightness and restfulness. Healing of both – body and mind happens with regular meditation. Meditation also helps to tap into the natural healing powers within us. Not only psychic healing but also physical healing happens.

In cases where healing is slow or when healing does not happen despite engaging in daily meditation sessions, it would be beneficial for the meditator-sadhaka to approach the Guru. Guru is conversant with the disciple’s pranic body and blockages in the various ‘chakras’ or energy centres. Guru is in a position to examine the sadhaka’s physic body, and can easily address the issue by eliminating the energy blocks, or by advising some specific course of action.

May you all meditate regularly. Bless you, love you all.


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