Guruji on Learning from your Adhyatmik Guru

J We have all been taught by a teacher, a Master or a Guru. Whatever may have been the area of studies, for all types of learning, we learn faster and better when we are guided by someone who is better learned and more experienced than us, in that particular sphere of learning. Our mothers remain the first teacher for most of us, because she has given us the basic teachings of life, since infancy. So, there must be a teacher to teach, to explain to the children as per their aptitude, else the study lessons on science, maths, languages, etc. may become difficult to understand.
In ancient India, Gurukuls were schools of learning where children were enrolled by their parents for a period of 7 years or so, and tutored in various disciplines by the Guru. The studies included maths, sciences, astronomy, archery, spirituality, etc. The Guru and ‘Shisyas’ lived together in ashrams (residential schools) which served as platforms for learning various subjects along with character building. Students were molded to live a cultured, disciplined life. The origin of Gurukuls can be traced to over 7000 years BC. At these Gurukuls, the children of kings and common people were educated together, without discrimination. With the manifold invasions and colonial rule that took place, over the past many centuries, our wholesome Gurukul system of education was inhumanly wiped out, and was systematically replaced by the standard, mechanical Western education system.
Today, we have lost the basis of our evolved ‘Adhyatmic’ studies imparted to our ancestors through Gurukuls. So, when it comes to ‘Adhyatma’ or spirituality, it is very important to have an ‘Adhyatmik’ Guru- A Self-realized Master. Adhyatma (knowledge of the Self – the Atman – the Truth) cannot be taught by normal teachers who teach science, maths, languages, etc. For imparting the knowledge of adhyatma, it is necessary to rely upon the Masters who have crossed the bridge of Self-realization, and who have embarked upon the selfless mission of guiding others on the path that they have traveled – the path of Self-realization.
When the student/ seeker is prepared and eager to take the spiritual path, the Guru appears on scene, and finds the disciple. No two persons are born with similar minds. All seekers are born with different capabilities and ‘Prarabda Karmas’ (actions of past life – that create results in this life-time). Therefore, each one is born with his or her own special path. Adhyatmik Guru is one who helps the seeker to get acquainted with his or her special path. During our early years, we are engaged with education, job, family, amassing wealth, etc. Then, even with all our achievements, we find ourselves becoming dissatisfied and restless despite success.
We start seeking something beyond, and nothing that we achieve seems to satisfy us. This is a significant stage in our lives, when nothing seems to make us happy. When this happens, it means – God’s grace has descended in our lives; and it is at such a time, that many of us come across an ‘Adhyatmik’ Guru. A Guru who makes such an appearance, is none other than God – only that he appears before us in the form of a Guru.
Once a seeker comes in the presence of Guru, his or her life takes a new turn. The seeker finds that his or her life has transformed completely, and for the better, through association with the Guru. The seeker becomes a Sadhaka and embarks upon the spiritual journey, because the seeds of ‘Adhyatma’ are sprouting within. When the Sadhaka struggles with a swaying mind, seeking peace in this material world, it is the enlightened Master or Guru who has the ability to guide him or her, through various adaptable spiritual practices.
In the early stages, the given spiritual practices may appear as tiring or boring, but over a period of time, the Sadhaka will be able to develop his or her physical and mental prowess to such an extent that he or she starts acquiring peace through these spiritual practices. It is important to follow the spiritual discipline with total dedication, if one is keen on making spiritual progress. The Guru will certainly guide the Sadhaka, but the discipline and dedication of Sadhaka is a must.
Under the Guru’s love, support and guidance, the Sadhaka will gain immensely. He or she may gradually shed some of the past Karmas and Prarabdas. With the dedicated Sadhana – spiritual practices and meditation, the mind becomes stable, and is cleansed of all troubling thoughts. Progress in meditation happens by immersing oneself in love, peace and harmony – and this is the only way to live on mother earth. Spiritual progress continues to happen with the grace of Guru. All spiritual practices are made with the intention of leading us to our inner Guru.
As you do your Sadhana, you will find improvement, all around you and within you. You will observe that even if you encounter worldly problems, they will not disturb you, and you will be able to tackle them steadily and effectively. You will find yourself living in a state of happiness, no matter what the circumstances may be. This state of mind is what your meditation and spiritual progress will bestow upon you. Have faith in God and Guru, and continue with your spiritual practices, at all times. Self-realization comes from your own effort and the grace earned by you, and the Guru can steadfastly guide you.

With your efforts, your will power and with the blessings of God and Guru, you will certainly succeed in your goal.

Love and Blessings, Guruji.

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