Guruji On Kundalini Shakti & Cosmic Consiousness

Meditation is the key to developing higher consciousness. We have taken this human birth with the ultimate goal of achieving Cosmic Consciousness – to realise our original divine Self. Each one of us has made some progress in this direction, in our previous lives. As long as we do not discover our divine selves in this lifetime, we shall be constantly reminded of our true purpose on earth through various events and situations. Every experience that is encountered in life, no matter how good or bad it be, you must understand that it enriches you, and guides you onward towards your ultimate goal.

Meditation is a tool that helps you to balance all your inner experiences with your outer experiences. It brings about a state of calm and peace within you. The main Chakras, the energy centres of Pranashakti that lie on the pathway of Kundalini Shakti– may have blockages which need to be cleansed through sadhana. The process of meditation ensures this cleansing. As you meditate, you may experience a throbbing sensation in the Mooladhara chakra, or you may find yourself repeating the word OM involuntarily. You may also start feeling some tingling sensations in your spine or in other parts of your body, or you may experience some visions or smells or tastes. Strange sounds or vibrations may start emanating from within you. This is nothing but the kundalini shakti, making its presence felt.

The kundalini energy of a worldly person who is full of desires and passions, lies coiled at the base of the Mooladhara chakra. As these chakras get purified through regular meditation, this energy starts rising from the Mooladhara towards the higher chakras. As the kundalini shakti crosses the Swadishtana and Manipura, one may start experiencing a feeling of power and joy. As it transcends the Anahata, a feeling of bliss takes over and some visualisations may happen. When it crosses the Vishuddhi, one may experience more bliss and also some power-manifestations.

Be sincere and disciplined in your sadhana your spiritual work. It is a sure way to lead you to God-realisation. As you continue with your meditation, observe the happenings. There is no need to get frightened by what you experience. Your inner guidance is sufficient to reassure you about what you experience. When strange happenings occur during meditation, the best way to respond to them is to have a ‘witness’ attitude. Understand that paying special attention to discipline, and putting maximum effort towards achieving the goal, is the main criteria for success.

Always remember that ‘indiscipline’ waits like a vulture to grab your spiritual progress and destroy it. Keep watching and regulating your conduct towards self and others. Practise purity of mind and compassion towards all, even one’s so-called enemies. When you practise compassion with a conscious attitude, you will find yourself evolving better and faster towards a higher consciousness. Awakening of the kundalini energy brings about a varied and strange set of experiences. As you meditate, you may start feeling as if you have no body, or that your body has become very light, or you may experience an endless supply of energy from within. When such experiences occur, it is evident that your kundalini energy is at work.

As the kundalini shakti rises, you may find yourself in a thoughtless or blissful state, a state of suspended thoughts may naturally happen, or you may feel a sense of encompassing love, and many more of such experiences may take place. As you progress further and further, you will notice that your mind remains undisturbed even under disturbing circumstances. You may notice that your understanding of the scriptures increases, your oratory skills and powers of reasoning improve, and your creative skills are enhanced. These are generally the experiences that occur when kundalini shakti becomes awakened and active.

It is important to understand that no two persons experience the same happenings. Each one’s spiritual process, awakening and experiences are individually unique. Never make the mistake of comparing one’s spiritual experiences with that of others. Do not discuss one’s spiritual journey with anybody other than one’s own Guru. Spiritual experiences should be treated as sacred and private. Discussing them with all and sundry will be harmful for one’s spiritual progress. It is only the Guru who can guide and direct the disciple. Spirituality should not be made a subject for leisurely discussions.

The state of Cosmic Consciousness is something that cannot be described adequately. All descriptions will fall short in comparison with the actual experience of self-realisation. One who reaches such a state of cosmic consciousness is perfectly aware of the oneness of life. Such a person is conscious of being in the presence of God submerged in a fountain of joy. He or she realises that the deep, all-embracing, eternal love exists in all hearts that this eternal love surrounds, guides, and includes every being, every particle and every atom of creation whether it be animate or inanimate. One who has achieved this state of consciousness is constantly in a state of perfect bliss.

May you all attain this state of Cosmic Consciousness a state of ultimate spiritual wealth only perpetual bliss.

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