Guruji on Happiness

Meditation alone is not enough to progress in spirituality

Once, as Narada Muni was traveling through the earth, he found that all the , animals and human beings on earth were leading a very happy life. Pondering over this, he went to Brahma and asked Him “The people on earth are living a happy and contented life. Although I am a yogi and keep chanting the name of the Lord, why am I not able to live such a peaceful and happiness?” Since Brahma was engrossed in the work of creation, he asked Narada to go to Shiva and get his doubts cleared. When Narada reached Shiva’s abode, he found that Shiva and Parvati were engrossed in intense meditation. So he went to Vishnu and put forth his question. Lord Vishnu told Narada, “Go back to earth. Observe the people keenly. Talk to them and then come back to me”.

As instructed, Narada went to earth to observe the people, but he was in disguise. As he walked through earth, he spotted a joyful couple returning home in their vehicle. He followed them to their home. There he found that when they were within their homes and alone, they found faults and abused each other, stating their unhappiness.

Narada then moved on to a park where he found a father, son and grandson taking a stroll together. Narada first asked the grandson whether he was happy. The grandson replied, “Whether I am inside the house or outside, I am forced to act according to my elders’ wishes. I’m unhappy about not being allowed to take my own decisions.” Narada then questioned the son, who exclaimed, “I am always under pressure, at work, in my profession and family. How can I possibly be happy?” Similarly, when the father was questioned, he also expressed his unhappiness, saying that he was neglected since he was an old man.

After these observations and experiences, Narada returned to Vishnu’s abode and narrated his experiences on earth. Vishnu said, “Now do you understand? On earth there is happiness as well as sorrow, pain as well as pleasure, night as well as day. Everything exists on earth”. If one wants to attain true happiness on earth, one must “be… yet… not be” (exist… yet… not exist). One must be a witness and observe life. Only then can one experience true happiness and peace.” Thus Narada realized what true happiness is.

Meditation is very important for spiritual progress. Yet only meditation is not sufficient. Wisdom along with meditation is required. Wisdom and meditation are like the two wings of a bird. One without the other is useless. Only with the help of both wings, can the bird fly. So also, only when wisdom and meditation go hand in hand, can one can become a Jeevanmukta (a liberated living soul).

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