Guruji on Gau Seva

Gau Seva is equivalent to Govind Seva and Guru Seva. Gau Mata is considered to be Vishwa Mata –the Universal Mother. Jeevatma of Gau Mata has descended directly from Gau-loka, a higher psychic loka that is closer to Brahma-loka.  Though cow may be seen as an animal with four legs, in reality, she is more sacred than a human being. She is an embodiment of divine love and self-less service. Gau Seva is also one of the paths for self-realization. According to our scriptures, Shri Krishna never drank His mother’s milk. The only milk He drank was that of Gau Mata, thus demonstrating to the world that our divine Gau Mata is indeed the Universal Mother.

Indian origin cows are the only beings on earth that contains the Suryaketu Nadi, found in the hump on its back. During sunrise, the ‘Brahma Gyana’ rays which flow from the hump, enters into our ethereal body. Therefore, one who serves the cow in the morning will lead a peaceful and harmonious life. The Suryaketu Nadi interacts with the solar rays and produces gold salts in the body of the cow.  These gold salts are effective in curing many diseases, and are dispensed to us through cow milk and other cow products. Early morning hours are the most beneficial time-period for the conduct of Gau Seva. During this time-period, a large quantum of positive energy emanates from the cows, and our psychic body absorbs it all, energizing us, and thereby enabling us to remain fresh and satvik all throughout.

Our ancient scriptures state that Suryaketu Nadi absorbs harmful radiations, and thus cleanses the atmosphere. Through Suryaketu Nadi, the cows receive auspicious rays from all the heavenly constellations. When we touch or serve a cow, its positive energy is transmitted to us automatically. A person who serves the cow with love and sincerity, is said to pass over to Gau Loka after death, and then further on to Brahma Loka. Therefore, it is very important for spiritual aspirants to do Gau Seva, as doing so is considered equal to meditation or Krishna Seva.

According to Ayurveda, cow milk has high nutritional value and the capacity to regenerate brain cells. Ghee prepared from desi cow milk is effectively used to alleviate many disorders. When this ghee is used in yajna, the very oxygen level in the air is improved. Urine of the desi cow is very effectively used for medicinal purpose as it has anti-cancer, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and antioxidant properties.
It’s immune-modulator property makes it useful for tackling immunity-deficiency diseases. Also, the dung of the desi cow is as valuable as its urine, and is useful in purifying the environment. A mixture of cow dung, cow urine and jaggery, has been found to be very effective in improving soil-health.

Cow is in effect, a perfect physician. It is a fact that complete inner transformation takes place when one lives in the proximity of cows, and longevity is also increased. Mental stress can be cured by just sitting and watching the eyes of a cow. One who has sleep deficiency, or is unable to sleep restfully, can be cured by watching the eyes of a cow constantly, for about 30 minutes. In a rural home where cows are an integral part of the house-hold, at the break of dawn, we hear the mooing sound, “ambaaa…ambaaa… ambaaa…”. This sound is the Omkar. It is a wake-up call for persons living in the house, and it is also a signal for the Gau-palak to start milking the cow. During the milking process, the cow urinates. The first urine of the day is usually collected in a small vessel and stored for daily use by the householder.

Immediately after milking is done, a mixture called Panchgavya is prepared which consists of 3 spoons of milk, 3 spoons of curds, 3 spoons of fresh cow urine, 3 spoons of liquid cow dung and 3 spoons of ghee. Panchgavya is an elixir. One teaspoon of Panchgavya should be consumed every day by each and every person in the house. It is a divine life-giving preparation. For better results, it should be used within 30 minutes of the preparation, as was the practice of our ancestors. A person who consumes one or two spoons of Panchgavya on a daily basis, is said to be free from all health-related problems, physical as well as mental. Our ancestors who consumed this elixir, were healthier and far more intelligent too.

Ayurvedic medicines have been prepared by using various cow products. Using different proportions, more than a thousand different varieties of medicines can be prepared for various usages. Also, a unique feature worth mentioning is -the horn of a Kapila cow contains Gau-Rochana – a life-saving drug. This feature only proves the truth that our desi cow is a natural doctor with inherent medicinal properties, available for dispensation to mankind. All the aforementioned statements amply reveal to us as to why our desi cow is considered a divine animal, and is also far superior to a human being. Shri Krishna called himself a “Gau-Palak” – one who serves and protects the cows.

In most rural households where mud walls and mud floors exist, the walls and floors are coated with cow-dung, to safeguard the people living in the house from the infectious bacteria and viruses. Our scriptures state that the water of the sacred river Ganga is ever present in cow urine. Just as the water of river Ganga never gets spoilt, so also cow urine never gets spoilt. It has been scientifically proved that cow urine contains natural disinfectants and antiseptic properties, and that fresh cow dung kills the germs of malaria and tuberculosis. We are aware that the excreta of every other animal exude a stinking, noxious odour while the excreta of cow i.e. cow-dung, is otherwise. Instead, it is considered anti-toxic and extremely sacred.

In rural areas, on almost every occasion, cow-dung is used as an auspicious purifying agent. Whenever there is a birth in the household, or some other important occasion, cow-dung paste is spread all over the court-yard of the house, and also cow-urine is sprinkled all around the place as a means of sacred purification. Over and above the known nutritional benefits of our desi cow milk, it is also known that it induces satvik qualities in those who consume it. Other cow products like butter milk, curds, ghee and butter that are used by us daily, in one form or other, are equally beneficial in elevating the spiritual quotient. In fact, our very life is dependent upon the benefactions of the divine Gau Mata.

To serve the Cow, is to serve Lord Krishna.  To lead a life of peace and harmony, humanity needs the blessings of our divine Gau Mata. Those living in the cities must make it a practice to spend some days in the rural areas, in the midst of cows. I advise our Sadhakas and others who would be interested to do so, to serve the cows in our Ashram. Let us commit ourselves to contribute towards the upkeep of at least a couple of cows. By doing so, know that we are given an opportunity to contribute towards the preservation of our desi cows. We are also blessed with the opportunity to contribute towards the preservation of our Gau Matas’ divine energies, their vibrations and also life on this planet Earth.

Now, let us solemnly pledge to save our planet through Gau Seva.

With love and blessings, Guruji.

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