Guruji On ‘Bramha Vidya’ and ‘Dharmic Living’


‘Brahma vidya’ is the ultimate knowledge leading to Self-realization. As you are aware, since over a decade our Ashram has been conducting ‘Brahma vidya’ sessions, annually. It is a practical guidance class, for facilitating the sadhak to live life in a peaceful, fulfilling and enriching manner. It is a technique that helps to ignite the inherent spiritual nature of man. If one practises this technique sincerely, it will certainly awaken one’s latent wisdom, and will also help in conducting life in accordance with the Universal Laws. When we live our lives in harmony with nature, health and happiness will naturally follow.

Every human being is subjected to the Eternal Laws –the Sanathan Dharma, whose basic tenets teach us to live in harmony with nature. In the modern world, almost everyone is running after health and happiness without understanding that health and happiness are but dependent upon each person’s approach to life, and to the way one’s day-to-day living is conducted. We are all conditioned to live our lives externally, in tune with our upbringing and with what society expects of us, so much so that we are oblivious to the world that exists within us. So, in order to explore this inner world, in order to take a pilgrimage within, we need to take guidance from those who have experienced the inner world.

Many of you may have attended the ‘Brahma vidya’ sessions conducted at the Ashram, once or perhaps many times, and may have benefited from these sessions, at least on a short-term basis. Long-term benefits are obtained only if one adapts to the ‘Brahma vidya’ module to the extent possible, in the day-to-day living. It should be understood that benefits reaped from such sessions are solely dependent upon the intention, dedication, and surrender attitude of the sadhaks. For those of you who have not yet attended the ‘Brahma vidya’ session, it is advisable to attend it the sooner, the better as each and every day that you spend on earth is too precious to be wasted away in materialistic living.

For those of you who are caught up in your worldly lives, if you observe closely, you will note that daily living is nothing but a chain of reactions to the economic, social, and political environments that you live in. You often become victims of these environmental pressures, reacting to them or running away from them. As you react to these pressures, you also inflict these negative moods upon your families who least deserve it. So, what you call as living turns out to be of very poor quality. In order to escape from it all you may turn to different modes of entertainment some that may be harmless or others that may be harmful. At such times, slow down your pace and start introspecting.

Life is very fleeting, and death could occur anytime. Rishi Bharthari of the fifth century has said “most human beings do not see the days and nights pass away, or how they are moving closer and closer to the end of their lives”. Once in a while, take a break from your routine life. Just relax for a few days without the push and pull of the worldly affairs. Spend some time in complete silence, by yourself. Examine your goals. Ask yourself whether you have lived your life well. Every soul is potentially divine. The divinity is within us, we need to find it. So far, we have been too busy or agitated or ignorant, to look inside ourselves. Unless our divine nature is revealed to us, we shall continue to feel disturbed and dis-satisfied. Without wasting anymore time, seek guidance to proceed on this inner pilgrimage.

In ancient India we had the Gurukul system of education where children between the average ages seven and fourteen, stayed at a Gurukul and learnt under a Gurus’ supervision. Along with all other subjects of learning, they were also taught right living and right thinking. But now, in most educational institutions no importance is given to a child’s inner development; only academic and physical educations are being stressed upon. While we study, take up a job, get married, we are all the while exercising our intelligence at a commercial and competitive level, evaluating everything on the basis of their benefits to us. So much so that we forget man’s spiritual nature. Now, without waste of time, let’s reflect upon our inborn virtues.

The time has come for us to restore our ancient system of education so that there develops an overall environment of right living and right thinking. It is important that we lead a dharmic lifestyle adhering to the ethical and moral values. Such teachings must form part of the curriculum for today’s youth. The spiritual teachings imparted to children at a tender age help them to evolve in a holistic way. That is why it is necessary to remind the child of his or her spiritual aspect, at a very young age when receptivity is at its height. The groove must be set very early in life so that no matter what situations we face in life, we are always certain to take refuge in our spiritual nature.

Adopt a positive lifestyle, and ensure that the mind is always exposed to healthy thoughts. You have been born on earth as a human being, with some purpose. Find out the purpose. Do not get lost in the material things wealth, possessions, relationships, fame, power, etc…these are but toys that will last for a few days. Seek the divinity within – that which you have come here to seek. Do not indulge in the push and pull of your senses. Do not be caught in the mesh of desires. Be integrated with the cosmos. Expand the consciousness to embrace one and all.

Love you all and bless you. May you continue to grow spiritually.

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