Guruji on a New Phase of Life for the entire world.

The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic – a major public health concern – has thrust upon us an entirely new phase. Not just us, for the entire world. Physical interactions and physical presences at events have been substituted with virtual interactions through technological resources. The situation is apparently the same all over the world. People are now keener to embrace our Indian dharmic way of living. Now, more than ever, Sanatana Dharma is appreciated and applauded by those who had earlier preferred the Western ways. Shaking hands and physical embraces during greetings, have been replaced by ‘Namastes’ and physical distances are maintained, even by the most elite of the western society.

In a way, this ongoing pandemic has brought about some transformation in us- we are perforce inducted into a systematic and healthy manner of living.  More and more people are adopting a way of life that balances both the spiritual and material. It is very heartening to see that most our sadhakas have become more disciplined, and have included regular sadhana in their day to day lives. So, there is some positive result to this continuing pandemic. The situation has helped most people to mold their spiritual lives in a noteworthy manner. Nowadays, there are more Guru-Shishya interactions through virtual means. Many of our sadhakas are now finding it easy to join our virtual classes, despite their busy working schedule.

As some of you may know, I had never planned to start an Ashram. It was a divine wish that was entrusted to me. Since I lived and worked nearby, after my working hours, I would spend my spare time, meditating in the thick foliage surrounding this place of the present Ashram. People from nearby areas found me meditating, and felt drawn towards meditation. So many of them gathered around to meditate in this pristine ambience. As their numbers grew, a benevolent and old, retired school principal came along. He donated this land, for the purpose of building an ashram. The public then joined hands to solicit funds for building a small habitable structure where people could gather for meditation and Satsang.

Initially, a sanyasi couple was entrusted with the task of running of the ashram, but within a year, the sanyasi became severely ill and the responsibility fell on my shoulders. I did not work with any big plans or schemes. As and when funds were received, constructions took place, keeping in mind the conveniences required for the conduct of sadhana- yoga and meditation. By and by, I took voluntary retirement from my bank job, and the Ashram and Gaushala that you see, is a continuous happening of many, many years. So, you see, everything that happens in our lives, happens with a divine purpose.

We often ask- what is the purpose of this life? Why have I come to earth? Sometimes we instinctively know our purpose, and sometimes even if we do not know, the purpose for which we have come unfolds before us. Regular sadhana and meditation are certain methods of revealing our purpose for which we have taken birth. The main aim of our Ashram is to offer support to seekers of God and Truth through Yoga and Meditation.

Our enlightened Masters belong to the Himalayan lineage where Oneness with God is sought through Meditation and various yogic techniques specific to the Himalayan tradition. Before the onset of this pandemic, our Ashram served as a retreat for all those who wished to understand and evolve spiritually under an enlightened Guru. But now, since physical visits to the ashram are not possible, owing to governmental regulations, we are conducting most of the relevant classes comprising yogic techniques and activities via virtual classes, at regular intervals.

If you wish to gain spiritual progress, it is important for you to develop your will power. Do your morning sadhana with will power and determination. I am always with you to guide you, and help you to the extent possible. Be childlike and sincere, and take the given instructions, seriously. Always, surrender yourself to God and Guru, and very soon you will find yourself succeeding in every sphere of life.

As sadhakas, these are some of the important facts that you ought to know:

  • Wake up during Brahma Muhurta – between 3.30 a.m. and 5.30 a.m.
  • Take care of your aahar, vihar, aachar and vichar. Eat satvik food, do regular exercise. Practice Yoga. Practice relaxation throughout the day. Cultivate good habits, manage your thought processes. Be positive under all circumstances.
  • Keep the company of good people, be part of satsangas wherever you may be.
  • Yoga helps uniteBuddhi, Manas, and Chitta, and creates a thoughtless state.
  • Ascertain the goal of your life, and monitorthe level of spiritual progress made.
  • Thoughts and feelings bind you. So do not become a slave of your mind.
  • Guru can show you the path, but only you can walk successfully on it.
  • Adversity is the best stateto teach youlessons in life, and to live a useful life.
  • Prarabdas can be nullified through spiritual discipline and will power.
  • Do not judge others, be kind towards all, rejoice in the successes of others.
  • Lend a helping hand to others. Take up a life that includes serving others.
  • Do not gossip or criticise others, be generous in accepting their mistakes.
  • When situation is beyond your control, focus on positive activities, do your best, and surrender yourself to God. Creation always wants the ‘best’ for you.

Bless you all. Be steadfast in your Sadhana, and may you evolve spiritually.


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