Guruji Dev Baba

Guruji Dev Baba

Guruji on Mind and Meditation

Mind or Manas is the most powerful thing created by God. It is regarded as Mother Shakti or Parvathi. Thoughts that occur to us, every day, every moment, in awakened state or during sleep, are but creations of the mind. Whatever we see in this Universe is the creation of Shakti or mind. Tall buildings, various kinds of scientific machineries, luxury roads, cars, hotels, weaponry – ranging from the small to the large, including nuclear weapons –are all but creations of the mind. The mind being very powerful, one cannot control or win the mind, but one can certainly adjust with it to live a better life and to continuously progress in the spiritual life.

The nature of the mind is to take us away from discipline and spiritual progress. In other words, to attract us towards the material world. Mind generates thoughts that try to divert us from our meditation practices and keeps us busy thinking about worldly pleasures or materialistic activities. For a man who has more and more desires, the mind always encourages him to undertake activities that can fulfill his desires. Pace of the mind is much faster than that of anything else in the Universe. It can take one to planets, moons and stars in the fraction of a second. Thoughts originating in our minds allow us to travel virtually to places near or far away in the Universe, even though physically, the places may be thousands of light years away.

Thoughts may compel us to act much beyond our wishes, whether they are right or wrong. The power of thoughts originating in our minds, directly impact our spiritual progress. The task of Parvathi Shakti, assigned by God, is to preserve the continuity of our Universe. If everyone gets onto the spiritual path, the continuity of Universe cannot be ensured. Mind plays an important and critical role in its continuity, by creating illusions, bringing about favorable or miserable thoughts and by pushing us towards materialistic pleasures or woes.

The desires of the mind keep on increasing in a person who does not meditate. When one progresses along the path of meditation, desires could increase for a while. However with meditation, one can bring the mind under control, not under duress but with love. Meditation is the most suitable and effective technique for controlling the mind.