Guruji, many a time I try to do what I think is right, but I have people complaining – saying “Why can’t you mind your own business?” In such cases how can I decide or determine whether what I am doing is right?

No matter what you do, people will always comment – some may comment ‘for you’ and others may comment ‘against you’ but finally it is what you determine about the rightness or wrongness of your action that matters.
Always understand, whenever you do something and that action brings a feeling of joy, satisfaction or a feeling of completeness in you, then what you have done is right. However, if after the action you have carried out, if you get immersed in a feeling of guilt, loss, fear, shame or doubt, then you have not have done justice to the action carried out by you, and you may have acted wrongly.
Do not do any act which brings trouble to others, or which may make you repent later. Always be sensitive to the feelings and emotions of others. Always ensure that you have acted in the interest of all concerned. It is the motive that counts in the performance of an action. Right or wrong action will be determined based on the intention of the doer. Whenever you do some act that makes you experience an inner joy, an extra sense of brightness or peace, then your action is the right action.
Always remember this essential fact: that when you are immersed in the thought of God, no matter what you may be doing or where you may be placed at any given time – whatever action you intend to undertake will be guided by the divine hand of God. In such cases, there is never a chance of making any mistake or doing any wrong to another. So, the best way to determine whether what you are doing is right and just, is to immerse yourself in the thought of God – all the time.

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