Guruji on Life, Birth and Death

Life is an expression of joy. Out of all kinds of lives, the human life is apparently of great beauty and attraction. It is the greatest art-work of the Creator. The original character of man is love, peace and harmony. None of us are aware about our origin or our end, which remains the mystery of our lives.

Life can be compared to a bridge across a river which lies between two roads. A person who stands on the bride is unable to understand where the road starts from or where it leads to. His knowledge is limited to the extent of the bridge. He is unaware of the destination. So also, our existence on this earth is only from birth to death, without any knowledge about where the life began or where it shall end. Obviously, there must be a life before birth and after the death.

At the time of death, all the events in one’s life, since the time of birth unto the last moment, flash before one’s eyes. The mind notes and repents the wrong actions and avers never to repeat them. It starts craving for another life in order to correct the wrongs and lead a virtuous life without any deviation. However, upon birth of the new life, one forgets all the promises and resolutions made and reverts to running after sense objects. The mind that remembers God at the time of birth and death, conveniently forgets Him while alive.

The mind after leaving the body cannot remember God as it is no longer supported by the intellect or the atma. After entering the next womb, it recollects everything because atma becomes active. After death of the body, the mind just revolves around the idea or thought that prevailed at the time of death, which are mostly the unfulfilled desires of the mind. The mind of a poor man who has suffered due to poverty may desire to take birth in a rich family. It will identify a rich family and though it sees prarabhda of ill health in the parents, due to its craving for riches and wealth, it takes birth in that family. Then, having undergone sufferings due to ill health and diseases, the mind will seek aother birth with good health. Thus, victim to unsatisfied desires, the mind steps into a cycle of births and deaths.

If one has no unfulfilled desires at the time of death, the mind does not desire to have any further births and instead, wants to merge with God. Hence, it is necessary that we ensure a ‘no desire’ state. If there is desire of eating, one should eat till he is satiated. Eventually, the desire shall vanish. Mind leads us to traps, it creates doubts. Doubting that his children may not inherit the kingdom, Dhritarashta prepared for war and perished. The mind is the reason for this doubt. There is no enemy greater than our own mind.

On death, the body which came from the panchabhoota goes back into them. Prana merges into the atmosphere. On attaining realization, the mind and intellect return to where they came up. It was Krishna who created and killed Kamsa. Gods and demons co-exist. Rama and Ravana dwell in us. The earth, which we live on, has day and night. It changes every moment because it came from the mind. Mind has a wonderful constitution. Eye is an instrument that exhibits the mind. For creating anything, there should be positive and negative polarities. Mind may be defined as “the distance travelled between two polarities.” Out of the 33 crore vibrations, man can decipher only seven. One of the seven, is the mind; and another is the intellect. Mind and intellect have originated from the aatma. Mind filled with desire, pursues new things. It uses intellect to conduct the search. For merging with God, the mind is the path while the intellect is the vehicle. He who uses intellect, reaches God.

Human life is mysterious and wonderful. It begins somewhere on a planet like earth and ends on some other such planet, after hundreds of lives. Only through the process of meditation can this be understood or known to us. As civilization progresses, more and more people get onto the path of spirituality and meditation. It is only through meditation that one can achieve the purpose of one’s life. None have lost anything through meditation. However, many have lost for not having meditated. Human life is so very precious. Do not waste a single minute. Try and engage yourself in meditation during all your free moments and you will observe the change in your life and also the success that follows the practice of meditation. So, meditate, meditate and meditate…..

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