Guruji, it is said that one should not aim towards acquiring ‘Siddhis’. But if ‘Siddhis’ like Clairvoyance or telepathy, are things that are acquired after much spiritual effort, and if these are utilised only for good purposes, what is wrong in wanting them?

Yes, it is true. Always aim towards the highest goal – Self-realisation. This human life has been granted to you by the grace of God, and the only goal you have come here to achieve is perfection or Truth or Self-realisation. ‘Siddhis’ are by-products that are automatically conferred upon you, when you are on the path towards perfection. Clairvoyance or telepathy are tools that enable you to see even if you are beyond the range of seeing or hearing. These are all one and the same. How does it matter whether you hear from a close range or from afar?

Does acquiring these ‘siddhis’ make any difference in the quality of seeing or hearing? The most essential matter is the quality of the ‘seer’ or the quality of the ‘hearer’. Clairvoyance or telepathy are functions of the mind. These ‘siddhis’ are only extended powers of the mind, and therefore cannot be permanent. Anything that is not permanent is not worth striving for. A normal man who lives in this world has only limited powers and finds that he or she is miserable most of the time. So, how can he or she be happy by just expanding the existing powers? Instead, it is more possible that with the extended perceptions, his or her misery will increase more, perhaps proportionately.

‘Siddhis’ rarely bring happiness to anyone. Mostly it is seen is that the one who acquires the ‘siddhis’ will want to demonstrate them for gaining appreciation.

Then, if the required appreciation is not gained, the acquirer may become unhappy. Sometimes, others who do not gain such powers may turn out to be jealous of one who has acquired the ‘siddhis’. Rarely, if any, some who acquire these ‘siddhis’ also evolve spiritually, and know how to contain or use the ‘siddhis’ as required for the general good. So, never hanker after such powers, instead pray to God and Guru for your spiritual progress and dedication towards God and Guru.

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