Guruji, it is said “Always remember your Guru. What is the significance of these words?”

Your inner Self is your own Guru, the one who guides you through all your lifetimes in pursuit of Truth. But it is not easy for everyone to get in touch with the inner Self, or to realise the Self. So, one finds a Guru in the outer world, who like your inner Self, gives you directions to help you lead a smooth life while evolving spiritually. Always remember, that you were guided to your Guru, you were the one who came seeking the Guru, and not vice versa.

When a disciple approaches the Guru, he or she makes an intellectual and spiritual study of the disciple, and issues certain commands, which will suit only that particular disciple. Periodically, after reviewing the disciple’s progress, the Guru may change or modify his or her directions and commands. This itself shows that a Guru always observes the disciple closely and guides him or her, as necessary. The Guru’s close observations and guidance alone can bring about success for the disciple. Under every circumstance of life, it is only the Guru who is in a position to understand and correct the disciple. So, it is always advisable to always “follow the Guru.”

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