Guruji, is it right to receive the mantra from a person whom one does not consider to be one’s own Guru?

Mantra should always be taken from a Master who is considered to be one’s own guru, only then will the mantra be effective. Mantra is the first form of initiation between the Guru and disciple. Initiation is like an electric current which enters into the disciple’s mental sphere. Before passing on the mantra to the disciple through initiation, the Guru gauges the devotee to see whether he or she is ready to receive it. Through the mantra initiation, the Guru transmits certain magnetic vibrations to the devotee, but if the devotee is not prepared to receive these magnetic vibrations, then it can disturb his or her mental equilibrium. Once the mantra initiation takes place, a sacred relationship is established, whereby the Guru and disciple are bonded together. So, never change the mantra or the Guru.

When the mantra is chanted regularly with discipline, the disciple is in effect strengthening the guru-disciple relationship. Once this relationship is established, then the channel is established through which the Guru is able to assist the disciple’s spiritual progress. It is necessary that the disciple should be regular in his or her meditation. If there is a regular contact with the Guru, one can draw upon unconscious help and guidance from the Guru. It is the unconscious, and not the conscious mind of the Guru that interacts with the disciple. The Guru is concerned with only one thing – spiritual advancement of disciple. Under the circumstance, if the disciple receives mantra from one who is not one’s own Guru, he or she will be subjected to confusion and spiritual stagnation. Therefore, it is not advisable to receive mantra initiation from one who is not one’s own Guru.

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