Guruji, is it possible for us to attain uninterrupted peace, and that too permanently? If so, what are the methods or techniques that one may have to learn and adapt to, in order to be always in the lap of peace?

Yes, it is possible. One way you can achieve this is – when you are no longer in this body. The other way is – when you follow the spiritual practices that have been taught to you by your Guru. You should follow these practices dedicatedly, and must continue to be on the path of ‘sadhana’ until you finally realise the Self within. The main obstacle in attaining peace, is the mind. Mind gives rise to desires, and desires result in disturbances of the mind. Reduce your attachments to things and persons. Let there be love and kindness without having any sense of possession. Be ready to serve others and to share with others. Reduce wants to a bare minimum so that you do not have to carry extra baggage around. Renounce your desires and cravings, and make it a practice to surrender your problems to God and Guru, as and when they arise.

Our joys and sufferings, exuberances and sorrows, ideas and prejudices, etc. should not be considered as realities. These are just situations in life that we must pass through with equanimity. When we sport the witness attitude towards all occurrences in life, such situations stop affecting us. Our entire life is just a flow of events, and events must not be treated as reality. Let the thoughts of God keep you away from worldly thoughts. Have perseverance and patience in all dealings with people and things. Cultivate a cheerful attitude always. Speak less and when you do speak, let your words be kind. Make it a habit to see divinity in all.

When your mind brings up thoughts of criticism or fault-finding, turn the thoughts towards your own shortcomings, and work upon them. Identify your weaknesses such as greed, anger, jealousy, etc. and observe their decreasing effect upon you, as you increase your sadhana. As you continue with Sadhana, you will find yourself getting more and more peaceful. Peace and bliss do not lie in any object, but in a state of mind which is free from all anxiety and desires. When you are on the path of ‘sadhana’ you will observe that you maintain a peaceful attitude even when you are accosted by troubles and problems. Meditation practices will bring about a major metamorphosis in your temperament. You will find yourself resting more and more in inner peace.

When you rest your faith in God and Guru, you find yourself adapting to all circumstances that may accost you. Life is too short to accomplish all that we set out to do. Spend all your thinking moments with the thoughts of God and Guru. You never know when death may come upon you. Never neglect your spiritual practices, even for a day.

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