Guruji, is it possible for God or Guru to give liberation to a Soul ?

Guru can only show the disciple the spiritual pathway for obtaining liberation or ‘Moksha‘. Those who have come under the shelter of the Guru will never be abandoned. But neither God nor Guru can give ‘moksha’ to a soul. Every ‘Jeevatma‘ or soul that takes birth through the mother’s womb and assumes a human body, has come to earth to fulfil its karma and to evolve spiritually. This cycle goes on until the ‘Jeevatma‘ is completely liberated. The actual effort for obtaining liberation or ‘moksha’ has to be done by the disciple. Each ‘Jeevatma‘ is at a different level of spiritual awakening, and so the striving and effort put in by each Sadhaka will be different. The Guru’s guidance advising appropriate spiritual practices for the Sadhaka can quicken the spiritual progress. However, the final goal of ‘moksha’ depends upon the dedication and self-effort of the disciple.

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