Guruji, what is the internal world and what is the external world?
Please explain, to which world should we give more importance?

External world is the world outside which is visible to our eyes. Light is required to view anything in the external world. The light of the sun or moon, fire or electricity helps us to see and understand objects in the external world. Yet there is a limit to what we can see through our eyes and also a limit to the external world itself.

The internal world is different. We do not find any light in the inner world, yet the prime flame that creates sun, moon and stars of the external world is also within us. Try to see that flame. By japa, dhyana and bhakti it is possible to see that flame. This internal flame is itself the inner eye. When the inner eye is open the entire universe can be seen. It is impossible to describe this in writing. The fact cannot be understood by reading. It can be understood only by experience. It is not incorrect to say that all our external activities are the reflections of our internal world itself.

You may have observed that at times, externally, we may be in an agitated state of mind, or may be in a state of intense anger, desire or hatred. This only goes to show that we have not yet gone down into our inner selves.

It means that we continue to live only in the external world. Therefore, it would be necessary for us to make daily efforts to go into the inner world by meditating, sitting in silence for a few minutes every day.

As soon as you wake up in the morning, sit on your bed for 5 minutes with your eyes closed and concentrate on the mid-point of your chest. The ultimate God of the inner world is in the lotus of your heart. You can visualize Him in any form. With total concentration do a mental worship there, then beg Him “ Let this day be a good day, Let me spend this day with peace, love and satisfaction.” Then place both the palms on your eyes and enjoy the pleasant vibration. Thereafter start your daily chores. Do this practice every day. By and by you will find yourself beginning to enter into your inner world until at last one day you will begin to experience and enjoy the internal flame, the bliss. Also, if at night before sleeping, you meditate for about 15 minutes, you will observe your internal journey proceeding faster.

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