Guruji, in order to attain to the highest spiritual level is it necessary to live in the ashram and in Guru’s proximity?

No. It is not at all necessary for a sincere spiritual aspirant, for a dedicated sadhaka, to live in the ashram or in the presence of the Guru, to attain the highest in spirituality. Spirituality is all about your mind. It is going beyond the mind, going beyond your senses and dropping the mind completely. Rightfully, with complete dedication and sincerity, you can achieve this in any place, and under any circumstance.

However, it is a fact that when one is in a spiritual environment which is what is strived at the ashram, the sadhaka’s spiritual journey becomes easy. Mostly in the ashram, like minded people come together to learn spiritual practices in the proximity of the Guru. Guru monitors the progress of the disciple or devotee with love and care. This kind of ambience is good for the spiritual progress of the sadhakas. Most children learn better when they are enrolled in school and taught by the teacher, than when they are left to learn by themselves.

In spirituality specially, like attracts like. When a group of people who are focused on their inner world and on the teachings of their Guru, gather together, an ambience of high positive energy is created. Each and everyone benefits from this environment.

You must have noticed that when you are in the outside world, you experience low energy levels at times and your scheduled sadhana becomes difficult. This is not the case when you are within the ashram premises. Here you are able to carry out your scheduled spiritual practices with high energy levels. This is because the thoughts of others influence us and vice versa.In the outside world where spiritual practices are less or absent, negative thoughts prevail. This impacts your thoughts and inner balance. So, unless you become internally strong enough to retain inner energy level whatever the outside thoughts are, be in the company of spiritually inclined people. And which can be a better place than the ashram for that.

The ashram is not a hermitage with rigid practices. It is a place where a community of spiritually inclined people like to come together and carry out their spiritual practices and satsangs, whether in the presence of the Guru or otherwise. So, even if it is difficult for you to leave your homes and come and stay at the ashram for long periods of time, it is recommended that once in a while. At least once or twice a month, one should make it a practice to visit the ashram and enjoy its ambience for as long as it is practically possible. And this is the purpose for which the ashram has been created.

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