Guruji Dev Baba

Guruji Dev Baba

Guruji, in this world what is the most important work I have to do?

We have been born into this world to die. In the interval between birth and death, we carry out our work. We accumulate, develop our ego. Are all these necessary? The most important work in this world is ‘awareness’. We shall not live here forever. So long as we are alive, we should strive to live in love, peace and harmony. “I have to build a house, I have to accumulate wealth” – in all these plans, we should be aware that we move towards death.

Think about this while you are alive — all items required for carrying out a cremation are ready. Only the breath has to stop. The days pass rapidly. Life changes at every second. We are all running towards a certain death. Just as we are aware of the scheduled time of the train and wait for it, so also, we should be aware of our death which may arrive at any moment. Our death is already decided. Truth is – we have to go back to where we came from. Who is our own here? As long as we have wealth and power, the world belongs to us. None accompany us at the time of death. We come alone, and go alone. Only God remains with us. During birth and death, God comes along with us. Only the one who lives in awareness can understand this truth.

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