Guruji, if the purpose for which we have come here on earth is to have Self-realisation,
Then does that mean that we must give up everything in life?

Yes, every one of us who have taken birth on earth, have come with the final purpose of realising the Self, that is true, but it is not necessary to give up everything to achieve Self-realistion. It is also true that we have chosen to be born on earth to fulfil our goal. We have chosen our parents, our circumstances, everything, which will help us to fulfil our final purpose. So, it is important to continue with all aspects of one’s life, earn money, marriage, children, maintain the family, etc. These events happen in one’s life because destiny must fulfil itself. Every event in your life is a step towards realising the inner self.

The real test lies in realising that we live in an unreal world, whereas our real world is with God. So, the general attitude in life must be one of loving detachment and compassion towards all. When there is such clarity in life, then life becomes joyful and purposeful. Never let the outside world disturb you. Instead, look within.

Conduct all activities in your life joyfully, with love and compassion. Never harbour any animosity or ill-will towards anyone or anything. Treat every being on earth as God. Establish yourself in the Self within, through meditation and sadhana. When you do your sadhana and meditation, you are flowing back to the source from which you have come. This meditation has to be continuous. Do it while you are eating, walking, and even talking. It has to be continued all the time.

Finally, with dedicated efforts, and love towards existence itself, you will find that you have reached that source. You will realise that everything that exists – the world, Guru, mind – everything is one.

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