Guruji, I want to meditate but my husband is against it and does not engage in any of the spiritual practices that we both have learnt from you. What should I do to convince him that we must adhere to the spiritual discipline taught to us, and also about the importance of meditation?

When a man and a woman get married, they are bound by the sacred vows to live together, and grow together while nurturing each other and their families, through all the ups and downs of life. Growing together, becoming mentally and spiritually compatible with each other, after making all the necessary adjustments to one’s own nature, is must for a peaceful family environment. Meditation helps you to achieve this.

A husband and wife who are meditators, naturally tend to teach their children to meditate. Thus, meditation helps the family as a whole, to grow together mentally and spiritually. So there are fewer clashes in their family life due to any raging temper, ego, greed, possessiveness, or any other negative qualities.

So, you will always find that a family of meditators manage to live a peaceful and joyous life even in the midst of any financial or other worldly pressures one may be subjected to.

Here, the importance is for the husband and wife to ‘grow together’. When one of them meditate and the other does not, then the growing together is difficult to achieve. In such cases, you will find that even the so-called loving relationship formed on account of the couple’s romantic love, becomes weak and shaky. So, for those who continue to lead a family life, it is very important for the married couple to set out on the spiritual path, together.

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