Guruji, I understand that psychic powers can be developed through Kundalini Yoga, but is it right to do so?

Psychic powers can be developed in many ways, not only through Kundalini Yoga which is one amongst the various spiritual practices. Power manifestation happens through intense spiritual practice, by total surrender to God, through meditation, etc., etc. When you are dedicated to the practice of God-consciousness, you attract the grace of God and Guru, and shall slowly and steadily find yourself possessing the ability to manifest psychic powers also.

Developing psychic powers is not the final goal of human beings. These psychic powers are in fact, hindrances on the path of spirituality. Do not run after psychic powers. All desires hamper one’s spiritual growth, so also the desire for psychic powers. Like all other desires, it should be eliminated by developing intense love for God. Psychic power is a by-product of spirituality, and at times it is harmful.

Generally, there is a risk of misusing the psychic powers and falling prey to forbidden activities that develop negative karma. If psychic powers have been cultivated through Sadhana, without consciously desiring for them, then one should take guidance from the Guru, and use these powers only for the benefit of mankind.

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