Guruji, I often hear that there is no such thing as right or wrong, and that I can do whatever I please so long as I do not harm others, then can I commit a theft from a rich miser who has amassed wealth through wrong means?

You may have liberty to commit the theft according to your judgement of that person, but you may not escape the law of the land which has been framed for civilised living. The police have every right to take action as per law. Now think about what you mean by right or wrong. For smooth functioning of a society, representatives of the society or the government have created laws.

Actions against the order of law will be punished. Right or wrong is your opinion, or the opinion of the society you live in. It may not hold good in the divine world or in the society of another nation. Minds differ from person to person, truth differs from society to society, and meaning of truth in the inner world differs from that in the outer world. The outer world of truth is full of illusion and changes from time to time but the inner world of truth always remains the same and one can always enjoy the real truth within oneself.

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