Guruji, I have taken up a job with under-privileged children. Sometimes it becomes very difficult to deal with them. I want to work with them without losing my patience and energy. How can I combine my work and service effectively?

Carry out your duties with love and compassion. Do not think of it as a job, instead think of it as a service. In order to be effective, you have to create an atmosphere where the children and you can jointly flourish. Whenever you set out do your duty, think of it as a form of meditation. Compassion is the main requirement of service. Think only of how you can be of help to others, and cater to the children in a loving but effective manner. Take up your service as a form of prayer, a form of worship, and you will note that the quality of your service will be very efficient. Your love and compassion will start flowing towards all who cross your path, and you will start enjoying your life of service, while creating an environment of love around you.

You are in one of the most enriching situations, where you can make a great deal of difference in the lives of the under-privileged children. Interact with them in a loving and caring manner. Let them feel your love and acceptance. If you can be happy taking care of them, then you can be happy anywhere in life.

Keep in mind that there are only two important things in life – meditation and love. Life is a continuous chain of meditation and love. Meditate everyday in a disciplined way, so that every day you are able to recharge yourself to take on the day ahead of you. Love the children like they are your own. When you teach with love, great bonding happens, and the children will start loving and trusting you in return. As time passes, you will realise how loving, energetic and happy you are.

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