Guruji, I find it very difficult to meditate. For me, meditation is the time when all kinds of unwanted thoughts appear before me. At the moment, my life is chaotic. There is a lot of disturbance, both at the home-front and on the outside. I wish to overcome this. How can I learn to meditate well?

Like all other things, meditation also happens well when it is continuously practised. Meditation does not come easily to everyone. Yes, Guru’s grace is required for taking up the spiritual path, but the most important factor is one’s own sincerity, dedication and hard work. Work very hard towards achieving the state of meditation, and hard work in relation to meditation is ‘sitting by yourself with closed eyes for long periods of time’- no matter how tired or bored you are. Prepare a schedule for yourself, so that you are able to administer this practice of sitting in silence by yourself, for a decided period of time, no matter how many thoughts criss-cross your mind. Slowly, you will realise that the thoughts are reducing, and the chaos is reducing.

You are responsible for the joy or sorrow in your life. Silence meditation is the only way to bring about a balance in your life. Another factor is the people around you. If you can influence them to take up meditation as a regular routine, then it would help in creating love, peace and harmony around you. The consciousness around you, would undergo a huge transformation.  Do this, and let us discuss further after a few months of dedicated practice

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