Guruji I do not feel closeness towards you even after years of initiation Is this wrong?

There is nothing called wrong or right in such cases. It is only a matter of perspective, a way of looking at things. When you say that there has been no change in you even after years since the initiation, it may not be entirely right. Subtle changes take place in every person naturally, over time. So also, will it be with you. The changes that have taken place in you after the initiation, may not be evident to you. A seeker meets a Guru and receives initiation only when he or she is ready for the process of accepting the Guru. Ages and lifetimes may pass away without meeting one’s Guru. It is only the fortunate ones who are able to meet their Guru in this very lifetime and seek to be initiated by the Guru. Each person’s experience is different.

Each one is an individual soul that has embarked upon this life’s journey for fulfilling the chosen purpose on earth. There never is any point in drawing comparisons in this regard. All that is required by you is to follow the path that has been chalked out for you. Guru has the required knowledge to guide you toward your chosen goal. Spend increasingly more time in your kriya practices, meditation and service towards others. Continue to be a witness in every thought, word, and action undertaken. Do not get into the practice of exchanging stories about each other’s spiritual experiences. These experiences are sacred and should not be divulged to anyone – not even to one’s own family members, but only to the Guru.

With dedicated spiritual practices, you are bound to gain the necessary insight to gauge your spiritual progress by yourself. Your question as to ‘where I have gone wrong’ comes from the mind. Comparisons come from the mind. The mind is not to be trusted. The impurities in the mind tend to misguide you. Observe your mind keenly and you will be able to identify the impurities within. It is necessary to cleanse your mind through meditation and other spiritual practices. Only when you purify yourself can you can allow your mind to guide you. Until then, make your heart your permanent place of dwelling. Finally, it is only your loving heart and Guru’s grace which will help you in achieving your purpose on this earth.

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