Guruji, I am quite happy with my present life. My husband is a good man, my children are well-settled, and we hold good respect in the society. Yet, I feel a sense of unrest. I sit for meditation, but thoughts trouble me. Please help me Guruji.

We are all spiritual beings, ‘Jeevatmas‘, who have come to earth in this human form in order to achieve some specific purpose. Unless and until we achieve our purpose, the cycle of birth and death will continue. All the activities that you do are probably not done with the required devotion. They are not helping you to achieve the spiritual purpose for which you have taken birth. Continue with your meditation practice. Mind has a habit of thinking of worldly matters. Before starting your meditation, gently tell your mind to stop troubling you. Exercise your will power and concentrate on thoughts of God with love and devotion.

Our ashram has taught many spiritual techniques to Sadhakas. Practicing Kriya Yoga will relax your mind and will also take you closer to your inner self. Make it a practice to wake up at Brahma Muhurta and engage yourself in Yoga, Pranayama and any other sadhana of your choice. As you engage in this sadhana with dedication, you will observe yourself getting more peaceful and contented. Rest yourself in God-consciousness, and continue to meditate more and more.

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