Guruji, I am quite content with my life, but I have often been told that one should cultivate yearning for God. How should I cultivate such a longing?

We have taken birth on Earth in order to fulfil certain duties of ours. However, after taking birth we have forgotten our original parent – God, and have immersed ourselves in the pleasures of this world. A child who goes to play-school, cannot get immersed in play or attached to the toys there and forget all about its home. The child has to finally return to the loving arms of the mother. So also, we cannot get lost or attached to the worldly objects, for we have to return to the loving arms of God. Only a child who loves the mother will yearn for her. So, it is necessary to cultivate yearning for our celestial mother – God.

To do so, you must first purify your mind through devotion and meditation. Try to detach yourself from incessant worldly desires. When worldly distractions disappear, love for God emerges. Associate with good and holy people, and by and by you will notice yourself developing a yearning for God. Eventually, you will find your own Guru – an enlightened Master – who will help you with your spiritual practices in order to acquire the knowledge of Brahman. Only the knower of Brahman can become a true Guru. Your yearning for God will lead you to one such Guru. Once you develop a yearning for God, then it will automatically make you renounce the world, though you may be living in it.

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