Guruji, I am finding it increasingly difficult to live in this false world. I want to practice integrity in all aspects of life, but it becomes so difficult in the commercial world where there is so much of expectation, demands, lies and deceit. What should I do to maintain my integrity under all circumstances?

You have come into this world for a purpose. This world has been created by none other than God. Every being here is a creation of God – including you. This world is the best teacher for you, and that is the reason why you have been placed here. Complaining about your environment, situations or people around you, will not bring any learning to you. Instead, you must change your way of thinking and viewing things. Each one who interacts with you, has come into this world with a purpose too. They have their own learnings to do, just like you. There is no point in condemning others. You must continue to practice integrity in all aspects of your life – to the best of your ability, no matter what the expectations or the demands that are made upon you. Even in the midst of lies and deceit, you must continue to practice integrity. That is the real challenge for you.

Everything in this world is said to be ‘maya’ and temporary. But this is so only for those who have acquired the knowledge of ‘Brahman’ – those who are self-realised. For others, this world is a learning ground, a place for purifying oneself, for cultivating gratitude, love and compassion, for serving others, etc. Continue to work in this world patiently, with integrity and ‘seva bhava’. Conquer anger, greed, jealousy, etc.; develop humility and the spirit of selfless service; practice self-restraint and freedom from all kinds of attachments. Do your sadhana regularly. Increase your japa and meditation. By and by, you will find yourself leading a very integrated and contented life, without being anxious about maintaining your integrity. You will also find this world to be a pleasant world to live in.

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