Guruji, I am finding it almost impossible to calm my mind. The moment I close my eyes to meditate, I get more thoughts than when I do not meditate. Please help me. What should I do?

It is important for you to practise a little ‘japa’ and meditation, every day. Do not stop doing so, even for a single day. Before every meditation session, do some simple ‘yogasanas’ and ‘pranayama’ for about ten minutes. Then, before you sit for meditation, for a few minutes, contemplate upon your major desires, and think how important they are to your life and day to day living. Then when you start your meditation, begin with the thought that all worldly desires are worthless, and that the only desirable object is God.

This will help you to ward off all the undesirable thoughts. Thereafter, just observe the thoughts as they bombard you while you meditate, and as the thoughts appear before you, start offering them one by one to God and Guru. In this way, you will notice that more the number of your thoughts, more are the offerings made to God and Guru. Thus, your mind starts dwelling more and more upon God and Guru. As a meditator, your mind and your very being should be filled with God and Guru.

If you see lights or hear supernatural sounds during meditation, know that you are going on rightly. While meditating in a solitary place, you may sometimes hear the sound ‘Aum’ or ringing of bells or some other natural sounds. But, do not attach any importance to these lights and sounds, though they are good signs. Continue to meditate with discipline, for days and days, months and months, years and years, until a time will come when you find that without even offering your thoughts to God and Guru, they are constantly residing in your very breath.

‘Japa’ and meditation may appear to be dry and boring at times, but never give up on these tools, for they will finally lead you to that thought-less state of mind where God resides. Just as you must have strived very hard to pass competitive exams, you should strive hard to conquer your mind by maintaining the necessary discipline and practices. Spiritual discipline is a must. As you relentlessly continue with your spiritual practices, you will find an ever-increasing joy growing within, no matter what your circumstances may be. Even after you achieve a thoughtless state of mind, which may happen in days, or months, or years, do not ever slow down. Continue to strive with your spiritual practices, and soon you shall be able to realise God.

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