Guruji, how will meditation help us lead a better life?

This human life is a preparation for Self-realisation. It is a training ground for the individual to evolve from the present state of spiritual consciousness. Human beings are the only creations on earth that have the capability to strive consciously towards attaining divinity, Self-realisation. A human form is possible only after the soul has passed through 84 lakh lives of living as different species of beings. Human life is the first step taken by the soul towards conscious striving for Self-realisation.

Human life has evolved because of the conscious decision taken by the soul to manifest on earth with an appropriate vehicle that is suited for its spiritual evolution. However, after having taken birth in a human body, the soul forgets the very purpose for which it has come. Meditation is a tool which can help you to get in touch with the soul-purpose. So, in order to remember and understand the reason for which one is born, it is necessary to meditate. As you progress on the path of meditation, you start realising the purpose for which you have come here.

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