Guruji, How, when and why was this world created by God?
And how can I possibly know God?

There are many theories and answers to this question. However, the simplest answer is: the world is the creation of God. He felt that “I am One” and decided that “Let there be many” and so, the world was created. God is only one but he shines as a light within trillions and trillions of beings. Every particle, every atom in this world, is a part of God, the Supreme Soul – Paramatma. This entire world is nothing but the manifestation of God. Just as a potter makes different articles with the same clay, so also is the world made up of a variety of creations. Just as the spider spins the web-thread out of its own body, and then absorbs it, so also has the world emerged from God, and will by and by be merged into God. To grasp this truth, one has to awaken one’s inner self. Concentrate on the heart centre. Direct all questions towards the heart centre and answers shall emerge.

The knowledge of any subject is obtained through direct experiences, through authentic texts or through words of trustworthy persons like one’s Guru. According to Vedanta, the world was never created but is only an illusion. The world appears real only until true knowledge is acquired. An enlightened soul does not see the objective world. Waking, dreaming and sleeping are the three states normally experienced by all. However, there is a fourth state known as ‘turiya’ which is beyond these three states. It is only when one is able to enter into the ‘turiya’ state that one can know the Truth about this world and God. So, persevere in your spiritual practices, and go beyond the normal three states, into the ‘turiya’ state and experience the Truth, first-hand.

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