Guruji, How to deal with Nasty People who cause anger and damage?

In case of situations like the stone-pelting at our army personnel in Kashmir, our Government should direct the armed forces to take necessary penal actions against the attackers. Any leniency shown will promote more stone-pelting. The armed forces have been deputed to the disturbed region for ensuring law and order, and they should be allowed to tackle the offenders effectively.

However, when the situation happens within one’s own home, the action shall be different. Here, you must assess the situation, and along with other affected members of the family, decide upon the course of action to be taken. All nasty actions that may cause physical damage should be tackled separately. For e.g. put a stop to the nasty handling of geyser or gas-stove, by putting them out of reach.

With regard to deliberate actions that cause anger, you must use this opportunity to gain control over anger. When one is aware that the person is purposely doing something in order to cause anger, deal with the situation calmly by ignoring it. Do not allow anger to rise in you. No matter what the provocation, take an oath that you will not allow the actions of another person to affect you. Increase your ‘sadhana’ and meditation. Pray for the well-being of all. In your prayers, include the troublesome person also.

Every situation in life comes with a purpose. Instead of moaning your fate, start observing the situation with a sense of surrender to God. No situation is as bad as we think. There are always learning lessons in every experience one undergoes in life. Situations in life are not of such large magnitude as we think them to be. Also, our attitude to life and the right tackling of situations, are of much importance.

Situations in life never remain the same. Such situations continue to manifest only as long as they are required for one’s inner growth. Once the lessons are learnt, the situations vanish. Understand that the situation has remained only because one has not learnt to master one’s negative emotions. When you continue to be non-reactive to all provocations, you will find that the person is no longer troublesome. So, intensify your ‘sadhana’ and continue to do all your activities calmly.

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