Guruji, how can we continue to meditate as we carry on with our day-to-day activities throughout the day?

Mind is a pivotal part of man, and is required for the conduct of day-to-day activities. Mind is generally focused upon the five senses. We must not allow our senses to distract us. Focus the entire attention upon the task on hand, and practise living in the present moment, which is nothing but meditation. Meditation is not an isolated act that you do in life, rather it is a spiritualising force for the conduct of the day-to-day affairs – for all dealings with the world. Life and meditation are both continuous processes. Wake up at Brahma-muhurta, and sit in the presence of the divine. Engage in a few moments of silence, bathing oneself with the radiance of God’s presence. Continue this state all through the day. Life and meditation go hand-in-hand. When this understanding comes, the calmness of meditation flows through one’s life.

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