Guruji, how can we understand, when we are still for long periods, whether we are allowing life to flow by, or whether we are being plain lazy?

When you are sitting still or resting, and you feel confused about whether you are just allowing life to flow by, or whether you are being plain lazy, then be sure that you are being lazy. When you let life flow by with awareness, there is never any confusion, because a feeling of surrender exists in you. You have, in fact, surrendered to the flow of life around you. There will be no doubt or confusion, only a sense of well-being and joy.

If you observe yourself, you will note that when you are feeling lazy, you are also feeling very tired. At such times, the more you rest, the more tired you will be. You will not have any energy flow in you. Your presence will not contribute positively to the environment around you. So, if there is doubt or confusion about the state you are in, then be sure that you are in laziness.

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