Guruji, How can we gain wisdom if we have to be detached from our senses, ego and thoughts?

By attaching oneself to the senses, ego and thoughts, one does not gain wisdom. In fact, your senses, ego and thoughts will prove to be a hindrance when you are on the path of spirituality. As you detach from the senses, ego and thoughts, you gain awareness, you discover your real Self. You no longer identify with memories and matters that bring pain or suffering.

Wisdom comes only from realising the true nature of man, and true nature can be realised only if you make efforts to withdraw your senses from the outside world, and direct your mind inwards. As you withdraw yourself from the outside world, by spending long hours in the practice of meditation and concentration, your intellect gets sharper and you become wiser and happier. Life becomes more peaceful, and blessed. You reflect this newly gained self-awareness in all your actions. The most important of all is you develop a quality of all-encompassing love and compassion. You become one with the entire cosmos.

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