Guruji, how can we control our ever Troublesome Mind which never allows us to be Peaceful?

As you are aware, your mind is a bundle of thoughts and desires, likes and dislikes. Controlling it is almost an impossible task for most human beings. But despite being difficult to control the mind, our Rishi-Munis have taught us some practical ways and means – techniques and methods – to tame the mind.

  • The continuous unwanted thinking of the mind can be directed towards ‘Vichara’ or enquiry of ‘Who am I?’. This is a very effective method taught to us through our scriptures and by our ancient Rishi-Munis.
  • Eradicate the Ego – the thought of ‘I’ – because thought is centred around ‘I’. Realising the nothingness of ‘I’ will help one to focus on entire universe.
  • Develop ‘Vairagya’ – distaste for sense-pleasures. When we contemplate this, we realise how fleeting and momentary sensual pleasures are.
  • The most characteristic traits of the mind are ‘Vasanas’ or desires. When we give up our desires, our minds become strong enough to support us.
  • Concentrate your mind upon God or Brahman – practise meditation continuously, until the attraction for sense-objects just drops away.
  • When non-attachment to objects and persons is practiced, the mind starts attaching itself to God, and over a period of time, thoughts also disappear.
  • Engaging ourselves in Pranayama and Yogasana is effective in taming the mind. Eventually, this practice will lead us to total God-consciousness.
  • Make a conscious effort to stop your day-dreaming, and immerse yourself in seeking God. When there is no imagination, the mind becomes passive.

Most important of all, when you engage yourself in Japa, Bhajan, Kirtan, and Satsang. When you are constantly in the service of God and Guru, you are bound to emerge victorious from the clutches of the mind.

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