Guruji, how can we be involved only with ourselves and our happiness, when there are hundreds and thousands of people living in poverty and misery?

Yes, it is true that there are hundreds and thousands of people living in poverty and misery. Almost every person living on earth has some problem or the other. But before attending to others’ problems, it is important to attend to ourselves. It is only when one’s own problems are solved that one is in a position to attend to others’ problems.

Have you ever spent some time to examine your own inner self? Have you noted whether you are joyful or miserable within? I do not talk about outward happiness or misery. Have you ever noted that there are people who live in absolutely pitiable conditions as compared to you, yet they seem to be cheerful, joyful within. There are rich people who live in utmost luxury, yet appear to be miserable within, while there are beggars who appear dirty and unhealthy, but are happy and joyful within. So, what really matters is the inner joy and not the outward misery.

Only when you are able to operate from joy will you be in a position to help others. When you yourself are in a state of chaos within, and you decide to start helping others, then the ones to whom you have extended help may land up with more problems instead of having their problems solved. First work upon yourself and clean up all your internal and external problems, and then try to attend to the problem of others’ lives. Until you are happy and healthy within, it would be a waste of time to even listen to the problems of people living in poverty and misery.

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