Guruji, How can we subdue our growing restlessness and make sure that we have come to the right Guru, for enabling our spiritual growth?
Is there any proper measure which will help us gauge the progress made so far?

Many people are led by curiosity when they visit a certain Guru. They want to know what kind of a person is this Guru? is it really true that he or she is a realised soul? what exactly is different about this guru when compared to other masters or even when compared to myself? etc, etc.

Some people visit the guru or ashram as they enjoy listening to new ideas and thought processes. They enjoy the thrill of change or become enamoured by the fact that they are no longer materialistic but spiritualistic. These are but passing phases with very little chances of sustained interest in spirituality or in the knowledge of Self.

Many of them may realise that they have reached the right guru but fail to reach their goal because they do not make the effort to apply the different learnings obtained from the guru, in their actual life, in order to experience the truths within themselves. They fail to use their discriminative powers to separate the grains of truth from untested beliefs, and so never feel the joyousness of intuitive realisation of truth.

Avoid all theoretical discussions as they lead to theoretical indigestion caused by swallowing ideas without adapting to them. Give all attention to your chosen guru and the path prescribed by the guru which has been tailor-made to suit the temperament and spiritual environment of each disciple. When you have met your right guru, you intuitively know. Logic has little place in spirituality. If you choose logic over intuitive knowing, you are the loser. The wonders of this cosmos are many, and the guru is one of those wonders.

Give total attention to the path you have yourself chosen, nobody forced it on you. Keep practising and finding results in the Self. The techniques of Kriya-yoga, Kundalini Beeja Mantra, Meditation…are some of the spiritual practices that have been taught to you. Keep practising it in a disciplined manner.

One will know through oneself, whether he or she has found the right Guru in an intuitive manner, by developing a growing feeling of satisfaction; an ever-increasing peace, wisdom, continually progressing intuitive perception, an inner happiness of silence and an assurance from within oneself.

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