Guruji, how can one achieve everlasting peace and contentment?

To achieve everlasting peace, one must have firm faith in the existence of God and in the fact that each one of us is spiritually one with God. It is faith in God that will take one across all miseries of life. As a householder, you will have many duties to discharge in your home. But this cannot prevent you from doing your spiritual practices. As you continue to do your sadhana in a dedicated manner, you will find yourself less attached to the worldly affairs and more attached to God. Move from attachment to pure unconditional love towards all your family members. Expand your boundary of love. See God in all who are around you.

Fill your mind with complete devotion, and aspire for God. Slowly, you will also find yourself becoming more and more peaceful and contented with life. This is the state where, no matter what kind of circumstances you may be placed in, you will find everlasting peace and contentment.

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