Guruji, how can I cultivate unwavering faith in my Guru? There are times when I feel that my faith in my Guru is unshakeable, but then a small doubt starts creeping in, and slowly, my foundation of faith weakens. Please help me to become steadfast in my faith in God and Guru.

This is a question that confronts many disciples. They find it very difficult to have complete faith in the Guru. Even when they profess to have faith, they hesitate to obey the Guru unconditionally. At times, they go to the Guru with their nagging problems, but when they are offered a solution, they hesitate to apply the solution. They start thinking that their Guru is unaware of the particular situation they are in, or that their personal circumstances are known only to them. So even when they themselves have asked for help, they discard the Guru’s advice and think that only they are capable of dealing with the matters that concern them.

These disciples show their trust and obey the Guru only when it is convenient to them. Faith is not something that can happen overnight. Faith must be cultivated, must be built and developed with understanding, love and devotion. First and foremost, it is necessary to understand that the Guru-shishya relationship is a divine relationship. The bond with one’s Guru is a permanent connection that cannot be changed by time or death. Connection with the Guru follows you, life after life.

It is rare that the spiritual journey of a seeker is completed without the presence of Guru in one’s life. You seek God outside of you, whereas the truth is that God exists within you. To locate the Divine within you, you need the Guru in a physical form. To find your inherent divinity, an external guru is much required.

Faith is a crucial ability to understand and accept the greatness and sacredness of an ideal or a person, aided by one’s own inner intelligence and conviction. As one continues with the spiritual practices in a disciplined manner, one’s faith in God and Guru also starts becoming stronger and stronger.

Faith in Guru is not a blind acceptance of the spiritual authority that surrounds a Guru. Faith is a deep inner acceptance of authority, and most often it may be with or without any outward experience. In the case of a child, there is often a complete acceptance of authority, with or without any outward experience.

Once, there was a child who lived in an area that was suffering from draught. There had been no monsoons for two seasons, and people were suffering without rainfall. That year, the elders of the village decided to conduct a yagnya to appease the Rain God.  All villagers came forward to contribute the necessary materials, whatever they could, and to invite priests to conduct the yagnya. On the day of the yagnya, people came from far and wide, from several villages to witness the yagnya. A couple and their little daughter also prepared to go to see the yagnya.

The little girl insisted upon taking the umbrella despite the father’s refusal. The father said, “Why do you want to carry an umbrella? Don’t you know that we have not received rains for many months now?” The child replied, “Father, we are conducting prayers today for getting the rains! Surely it will rain!” So, the father reluctantly allowed the child to carry an umbrella. She happened to be the only one who had brought an umbrella to the yagna place.

The yagnya was conducted according to the rituals.  At the end of it, the entire village saw dark clouds gather, as if to bring in the rains to the venue. Even though it was not supposed to rain there so soon, it rained. It was as if God allowed rain showers to be brought there, moved by the unconditional faith of a little girl who had brought the umbrella for shelter when it rained. So, faith is something that is within you, unconditionally and totally believing that God and Guru will do whatever is required to help you. 

One requires a child-like faith in the word of the Guru. It is such a faith that can bring grace. Only way to have unwavering faith in God and Guru, is to do your sadhana intensely. A spiritual practitioner is always showered with God’s grace. When love and compassion expand from within, there is no dearth of faith and God’s grace. Therefore, continue to be devotedly engaged in your spiritual practices at all times.

When the sadhaka does intense and dedicated sadhana, the initial wavering of faith that had been experienced, starts withering away. Continued sadhana with dedicated spiritual practice, leads one to become strong inwardly. As one’s sadhana increases, so also does one’s faith in God and Guru, increase.

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