Guruji, you have taught us various spiritual disciplines, how can I choose one that is most suitable for my spiritual growth?

The purpose of all spiritual disciplines taught at our ashram, is to help the sadhaka to evolve spiritually. If you have attended some of the classes that we have conducted here at the ashram, then you must practice them, each for a minimum period of twenty-one days, and at the end of each set of spiritual discipline, you will yourself realize as to which one is most suitable for your spiritual growth.

Constant practice of any spiritual disciplinedoes not allow unnecessary thoughts to invade your mind. It makes your life easy and peaceful by dissolving the prarabd as you may have accumulated over your past lives. You may set a time period for your practices, preferably in the morning hours of ‘brahma muhurta’. Take up one of the practices that you may feel you can comfortably carry out for a period of twenty-one days without missing it for even a single day.

Every day, after you finish your practice, spend at least fifteen minutes in silence with closed eyes, and examine yourself. You will observe a feeling of peace surrounding your entire being. Every action that you do positively, helps you to settle your mind and be one with universal consciousness. The spiritual discipline by itself is very simple, but sometimes because your mind is disturbed, the discipline may become complicated. In such cases, you may need the grace of Guru/ Govind to stop the agitation of your mind. Simply surrender yourself, and offer all your troubles and agitations at the feet of Guru/ Govind. If you follow this practice, then whatever be the spiritual discipline you may have undertaken, you will certainly achieve your desired goal.

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