Guruji, I always get cheated when I follow the path of truth. Friends and relatives cheat me due to their selfishness. How can I overcome this?

Cheating someone is a grave fault but being cheated is not a fault. The one who cheats you will take your ‘prarabdha’ karma. Be happy whenever you get cheated, because then your karmas are reduced. The one who cheats and takes away your Rs. 1000 will have to pay it back with interest in one or the other way in this life-time itself or else it will be stored away for the next life-time. Cheating takes place due to ego. In the greed to accumulate wealth, we may take loans from others without intending to repay, or may cheat others in order to fulfil our desires. This wealth will not last long. – like a dream. One who is not aware accumulates ‘prarabdha’ through wrong deeds. The ‘prarabdha’ gets accumulated in future life-times as well.

Once Ananda, a disciple of Lord Buddha, asked him, “I have seen people who smile at you, abuse you behind your back. Is preaching to them necessary?” In reply, Lord Buddha said, “Among the hundreds who abuse me, if even one person follows the path of spirituality, my life will have been fulfilled. Also, I shall not accept the abuse of the other ninety-nine people. It is they who will face the consequences of their actions. We need not dwell upon that.”
Being cheated also depends upon the way we accept it. For a ‘satvik’ person who has been cheated, only good things can happen to him.

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