Guruji On Flute –Divine Sound For Meditation

We believe that creation began with a great bombardment known as Omkar. The first big bang which we call Omkar is the greatest sound that our universe has ever experienced or been jolted with, and thus creation began. That first Omkar rushed from the heart of Parmeshwara, the Supreme. It vibrated every particle in the universe, moving on and on for further creation.

The sound of Omkar continues in the universe, and creation is still in progress. The great kinetic energy of universe that rushed from the centre of Parmeshwara is not only a sound, but also a music. That music is heard in the cells of every living being in this universe. It is heard in the cosmic energy also. Every life on earth is surrounded by the music of Omkar.

Bharat is a sacred land of divine incarnations like Sri Ramachandra, Sri Krishna, Sant Gyaneshwar, Guru Nanak etc, and all loved music. The origin of music is from Omkar. Sri Krishna played the flute throughout his life, always holding the flute in his hand. Rarely is Krishna seen without a flute, except during the time of the Kurukshetra war.
Many a time, Radha questioned Krishna as to why he is so fond of the flute. Krishna never gave a direct reply; on the other hand, he said “Dear Radha, when you become a piece of dead wood like my flute, I shall play on thee.” Thus, Krishna expressed the divine importance of bansuri (flute) which He kept with himself throughout his life. Flute is not only sacred but is also representative of Krishna’s life itself. Flute is a piece of dead bamboo. When a person blows it from his inner Pranashakti or inner life breath, the flute starts singing the song desired by the flute-player. When a flute-player breathes through the holes of the flute, the entire flute fills up with the sound of life, and gives out the sound of music.

There are so many instruments like shehnai, sitar, veena, santoor, sarangi etc. However, none is equal to the bansuri (flute). When the bansuri is played, the player becomes Krishna; it means that he blows with a pressure from the centre of his heart – from the centre of his consciousness. It is equally true that when the air is pressurized and blown into the holes of the flute, the centre of the chest starts reverberating. The centre of the chest is the seat of the Anahata Chakra in the psychic body. The vibration of the flute-player in the form of music is sent out with live musical notes and is absorbed by the listener with the same joy and vibration of music.

Thus, the flute player’s vibrations which is a form of meditation waves, is sent to the listener with absolute joy, and he gets completely involved in the sound of the music. The listener who is totally involved in the music, begins to enjoy the ecstasy or ‘Ananda’. Further, it may lead the listener to a state of bliss. The listener, thus satisfied, will be able to enter into a state of Samadhi. This state of bliss induced by playing of the flute, many a time cannot be equalled by the playing of other musical instruments or even by vocal music.

All musical instruments are not played from absolute consciousness unless the instrument player is a dedicated sadhaka. The flute player enchants the listener into becoming a receptive meditator and can thus induce divinity into the listener. The flute player plays the flute through the Anahata Chakra and the listener is also able to get his Anahata Chakra opened.

Therefore, it is suggested to those who are poor in meditation, to play a flute recording with a raga/tune of their liking, while meditating. Within a month or two, the sadhaka will transform into a good meditator.

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