Guruji,How can I ensure a constant blessed peace of mind ?

Anyone who has been constantly practising meditation will be blessed with long periods of peace within. In such a state, one experiences a harmonious state of mind. The more one increases meditation, the more will be such a blissful experience. So, the simple answer to your question is: carry on with your ‘sadhana’ until you reach a state where you achieve a constantly blessed state of mind.

Peace is a state of mind where there is absolute serenity and contentedness, where all whims and fancies, moods and impulses, emotions and reactions, do not work at all. It is a state where the individual soul rests in its own glory, a completely unruffled state where there are no worries, anxiety or fears. Such a state comes when desires or cravings have already been fulfilled. To achieve such a state, it is important to follow the basic lessons of good living. Eat sparingly, breathe deeply, work energetically, cultivate a sympathetic heart, be cheerful no matter what, be generous, live a life of service, and practce meditation ceaselessly.

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