Guruji, earning a living has become very challenging. Some days are good while other days are bad. How does meditation help us in our day-to-day life?

Meditation is a technique that helps us to stabilize the mind and attain peace and quiet. When practiced over a period of time, meditation helps us to cultivate stillness of the body and mind. Normally, as we conduct our day-to-day affairs, due to various circumstances that we may encounter, we find ourselves getting into an agitated state of mind. When the mind is agitated, results of our actions do not turn out right. An agitated mind leads to chaos and wrong decisions. So, the goal should be to attend to our day-to-day life with a peaceful and calm mind. Without cultivating the discipline of meditation, it will be difficult to attend to our duties and responsibilities with calmness and efficiency.

Though man is divine by nature, each one carries a combination of virtues and vices, in varying degrees. Every man is born with the three Gunas- Satva, Rajas and Tamas, in varying proportions. When the Satva Guna is more in a person, the the person is more likely to carry out good actions. Such a person experiences a sense of inner joy and peace. The best way to cultivate the Satva Guna is by developing the practice of meditation. As a daily routine, it is advisable to sit in meditation for some duration each day, according to one’s capacity or capability or according to the Guru’s instructions. This will definitely bring about a peaceful and enriching day-to-day life. Regular meditation helps a person to evolve quickly on the spiritual path, and also to achieve one’s material and spiritual goals

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