Guruji, during initiation you give different spiritual mantras to different disciples. What is the significance of giving different mantras? How will I know that I have the right mantra and when should I do the mantra-chanting?

Mantra is energy, it is shakti. When the mantra is repeated continuously, we accumulate energy, which in turn makes the mantra more and more powerful. The goal of all mantras is the same, to lead one to God-realisation. Though the goal of the mantras remains the same, each disciple is given a mantra according to his or her temperament and level of spiritual evolvement.

About knowing whether yours is the right mantra, it is a fact that when you receive a mantra from your Guru, it has to be the right one. It is most important that the disciple has faith in the mantra received by him or her. Each word of the mantra is bound to do its work, depending on what it denotes. By repeating the mantra, the entire day can be spent happily. If you chant the mantra while preparing food, the food itself will have a satvik flavour.

Every activity done to the accompaniment of the chanted mantra, will turn out to be a wonderful activity. You shall yourself experience the power of the mantra when you do your mantra chanting in a dedicated and pious manner.

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